Version 16 of PDQ Deploy Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public release 16 of PDQ Deploy.

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What's New?

* Ability to start a deployment from any step when using Deploy Once, or redeploy from a failed step.
* New themes available for the console, including dark.
* The Repository path now includes a button to access Variables.
* Package Library Package updates are now visible to Free users.

* More performance improvements, particularly while editing packages.
* The Disable Splash Screen checkbox in Preferences wasn't staying checked, even though the Splash Screen was disabled.
* Exporting Preferences would not export changes to the default Auto Download settings.
* The ability to choose a profile from the drop-down in the Print Preview window has been restored.
* Toggling Report color mode was not taking effect until after a console refresh.
* Auto Download packages set to manual approval were not listed in the Update tab of the Package Library until after a console refresh.
* The Downloaded column in the Package Library now populates immediately following an auto download.
* Adding Pre and Post Steps to an Auto Download package now retains the edit icon after a restart.
* Packages not downloaded due to repository access now display the correct error message.
* PDQ Deploy was not recognizing targets in PDQ Inventory that were resolved using NetBIOS instead of DNS.
* Manually starting a scheduled deployment would occasionally display a blank error message.
* When importing a schedule, custom Retry Queue settings will be missing unless the export was from a version after
* Duplicating an item in the tree no longer places the duplicated item randomly in the tree.
* Occasionally the temp directory was not cleared until after a restart of the service.
* Launching PowerShell from Help > Open Elevated PowerShell Prompt would occasionally not work as intended.
* Danish characters were not displaying correctly when selecting PDQ Inventory collections as targets.
* Various other bugs and enhancements.

Update Notes