Version 15 (Release 3) of PDQ Deploy Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public release 15 (Release 3) of PDQ Deploy.

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What's New?


* Fixes issues with opening the console after an upgrade.
* Fixed issues pertaining to 'net.pipe' error messages and included more information about the error.
* Removing packages from the Deploy Once window using the Select PDQ Deploy Packages window now works as expected.
* Scan After Deployments are no longer being triggered if the package fails due to package conditions.
* Variables are no longer duplicated upon upgrade.
* Auto Download Approvals of Private Packages are no longer visible to all client consoles.
* Auto Download Approvals work without having to refresh the console when the package is moved into a different folder.
* Changing the appearance of package icons works as expected.
* When converting an Auto Download package to a Standard package pressing Enter no longer defaults to clicking Yes.

Update Notes