Version 15 (Release 2) of PDQ Deploy Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public release 15 (Release 2) of PDQ Deploy.

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What's New?

* Added a download in process icon to the Package folder in the tree.
* A warning was added to the Updates tab if a download was attempted if the same package was also pending approval.
* Filters added to select target windows.
* Download History no longer displays the download type of 'ManualNoHistory' for Auto Downloads.

* Improved overall performance.
* Occasionally, the console would freeze when unused for a long period of time.
* The Download History tab no longer removes the link to packages that are converted to Standard packages and moved to the Auto Download Archive folder.
* In Pro and Free modes, downloading from the Updates tab of the Package Library works as expected.
* Opening a package while it was downloading would not be available for editing until the package was reopened.
* The download progress icon on the package folder would continue to swirl if a package was opened during its download.
* Download History now displays the proper download types whether downloading for the first time or approving a new version.

Update Notes