Version 16 (Release 2) Of PDQ Deploy Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public release 16 (Release 2) of PDQ Deploy.

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What's New?


  • Additional performance improvements, particularly while browsing Active Directory containing a large number of objects.
  • When Server and Client were in different timezones, the elapsed time was counting backwards.
  • Fixed issue that resulted in the error, "Cannot find package definition for package link step".
  • Fixed an issue with skipped deployment steps when you have 2-layer deep nested packages mixed with 1-layer deep ones.
  • Fixed the ability to deploy to an IP address as the target.
  • Fixed an issue with heartbeat schedules using multiple PDQ Inventory Collections as targets that contained the same computers.
  • Some valid MSI options were not available with MSU files. Also, fixed an issue with importing MSU files.
  • Fixed an issue with deployments appearing to be stuck in a queued state, but had actually failed in the target window.
  • Using a variable in your Repository no longer causes issues with the Repository Cleanup.

Update Notes