Public Beta Version 17 (Beta 1) of PDQ Inventory Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public beta release 17 (Beta 1) of PDQ Inventory.

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What's New?

Known Issues

  • ADMIN$\AdminArsenal is still the default UNC path used in Preferences > Target Share even if the field is blank.
  • The Uptime may display an inaccurate time after upgrading from version 16.5.
  • Needs Reboot reasoning is not populated after upgrading until a new scan has been completed.


  • Ability to prioritize queued scans.
  • Create a Dynamic Collection of an installed application from the Applications page of the Computer window.
  • Changes to the Agent Status are now captured as Events.
  • Needs Reboot now includes the reason why.
  • The Target Service preferences page is now easier to use.
  • Ability to move multiple columns at once and drag and drop in the Edit Columns window.
  • Client mode no longer needs to re-enter the license information when upgrading or renewing the license.
  • New Server host name variables.
  • Additional information displayed on the License window, including Technical Contact.
  • Distributed Wake-on-LAN now displays the name of the relay computer used.
  • Warning about Caps Lock when entering a password.


  • Improved Agent performance.
  • Installing on a non-system drive no longer prevents integration with PDQ Deploy.
  • Opening Processes page of the Computer window no longer results in an error.
  • Open in File Explorer is now working as intended.
  • Time zone is now reflected correctly.
  • Using Member of a Collection in a report now accurately pulls the correct collection membership.
  • Collections no longer display 'Membership Updating' indefinitely when used in conjunction with Agents.
  • Last Scan Profile now populates with the correct Scan Profile after a restart of the console.
  • Running a Wake-on-LAN from a Client console works as expected without errors.
  • If the connection is lost with a scan target, the Scan Status will now display 'Connection Lost' instead of staying on 'Returning Data'.
  • Scans run against unavailable Internal Agents fall back to a standard scan instead of staying on 'Waiting for Agent'.
  • The Services page of the Computer window authenticates with the Scan User.
  • The Current User Display Name no longer returns a blank value after scanning.
  • Disk Drives/Serial Number is now using two different methods to obtain a value for a more accurate reporting.

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