Public Beta Version 17 (Beta 4) Of PDQ Inventory Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public beta release 17 (Beta 4) of PDQ Inventory.

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What's New?

Known Issue:

  • Agents occasionally show 'Not Installed' or 'Unavailable' upon first installation.
  • Reinstalling may be required to resolve it.


  • Clients no longer get the cold shoulder if the Server isn't listening on all addresses.
  • Aborting a Scan no longer displays the 'More Info' question mark.
  • Removed unnecessary errors in the Event Log that were used solely for internal testing.
  • The Reboot/Shutdown tool now correctly distinguishes between computers rebooting or shutting down.
  • Picking a filter value for the 'Memory' column on the Collection page no longer displays in bytes.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Resolved random console freezing issues introduced in Beta 2.
  • Changing the Scan User for multiple computers no longer briefly freezes the console.
  • Deleting, importing, or pasting a large number of collections in a large database is much quicker.
  • Typing a filter with Custom Field columns on the Collection page present is much quicker.

Update Notes