Version 17 of PDQ Inventory Released


The Team is pleased to announce the public release 17 of PDQ Inventory.

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What's New?

Known Issues:

  • The general release of the Agent resulted in extreme stress to our existing infrastructure, with the Agent itself performing below our standards. As such we have reverted it back into beta status while we work on fundamental changes to the architecture.
  • The generic config file does not currently work for configuring the Agent. Please use the manual config file or install directly from the console using Computer > Install Agent (BETA).


  • Ability to prioritize queued scans.
  • Create a Dynamic Collection of an installed application from the Applications page of the Computer window.
  • Needs Reboot now includes the reason why.
  • The Target Service preferences page is now easier to use.
  • Ability to move multiple columns at once and drag and drop in the Edit Columns window.
  • Client mode no longer needs to re-enter the license information when upgrading or renewing the license.
  • New Server host name variables.
  • Additional information displayed on the License window, including Technical Contact.
  • Distributed Wake-on-LAN now displays the name of the relay computer used.
  • Warning about Caps Lock when entering a password.
  • Windows Server 2019 has been added to the default Collections (technically added in 16.6, but yeah...).


  • Occasional integration issues between PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy are no longer an issue.
  • Upgrade issues found in 16.6 with Log.db and InboundMessages.db have been fixed.
  • The Reboot/Shutdown tool now correctly distinguishes between computers rebooting or shutting down.
  • Reports and Print Preview no longer display memory in KBs.
  • Picking a filter value for the 'Memory' column on the Collection page no longer displays in bytes.
  • Typing a filter with Custom Field columns on the Collection page is much quicker.
  • Time zone is now reflected correctly.
  • A new window opens for each Run Command tool to prevent it being run on previous computers.
  • Scans on Agent computers that would occasionally get stuck on Local Users & Groups are now working as intended.

Update Notes