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Webcast: When and Why? Reports vs. Collections

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Creating Reports: example; creating a report to show old versions of an application: 1:26

Using and Changing the value of a variable: 3:00

Creating a collection from a report: 6:12

How to modify the collection window: 8:07

What NOT to do example: 8:45

Collections are things you act upon: 9:56

Creating a report from a collection: 11:24

Question: How do I make a Dynamic Collection: Where the computer has a file and where member of Collection is not “VPN Users”? Where the computer has a file and where member of collection is “VPN Users”? 12:45

Any not Any All not All: 18:22

Showing a Collection of all computers with free space on “C” less than “20”: 22:20

Report from Collection to find out exact % of Disk space: 23:05

Running Auto Reports: 24:27

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