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Version 12 (Release 2) of PDQ Inventory Released

The Admin Arsenal Team is pleased to announce the public release 12 (Release 2) of PDQ Inventory.

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What's New?

Release 2 Fixes:
* Fixed an issue starting the console after installing or upgrading with a different background service user.

Release 1 Additions:
* You can now import custom data from a .csv file using the Custom Fields Import Wizard.
* Deep Freeze Status added to the Computer window.
* A description field has been added to the Tools Library.
* File and Registry scan results can now be deleted.
* File Explorer can be opened directly from the Files Page context menu.
* New column added to the All Computers page called Added From (hidden by default) that displays the method used to add the computer.
* Current User (User UPN Name) and Display Name (AD User Display Names) added to the Computer window.
* Heartbeat Trigger added to Inventory Scan Profiles.
* SMART Status added to the Disk Drives page and the Standard Scan Profile.
* The Computer window can now be opened from the Remote Command window using the context menu.
* The Main Console Toolbar is now arranged more conveniently by task.

Release 1 Fixes:
* The report description displays while running the report as well as defining the report.
* Potential issue with reports having to be saved multiple times.
* Issue with copying and pasting filters that would result in multiple rows.
* Issue of reading a scan cache from PDQ Inventory 9 Release 2.
* Issue when renaming collections not allowing the ability to save.
* Issue with the default backup schedule disappearing upon upgrade.

Update Notes

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