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Version 12 (Release 3) of PDQ Inventory Released

The Team is pleased to announce the public release 12 (Release 3) of PDQ Inventory.

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What's New?

* Compatibility with Deploy 13.
* .NET 4.7 added to the Standard Scan profile within the Computer Details scanner.
* Physical Disk Type added to the Disk Drives page of the Computer Window.
* New attachment types added to Auto Reports.
* Computer names no longer truncate at 15 characters. To update name, the computer must be deleted and re-added.

* Remote Repair can launch from the Help menu without selecting a computer first.
* Pasting into the Scan Profile Grid would sometimes cause a crash.
* Custom Fields data added through the Custom Fields Import Wizard now display without having to refresh.
* Mail Server now supports TLS v1.2.
* Sending a WoL to a computer that didn't exist would not timeout.
* Some offline computers would show scanning even if a scan was not taking place.
* Common names displayed in Hot Fixes.

Update Notes

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