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Version 13 of PDQ Deploy Released

The Team is pleased to announce the public release 13 of PDQ Deploy.

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What's New?

* New product and company branding. Admin Arsenal is now officially! (To update the taskbar icon, launch PDQ from the updated desktop icon)
* Ability to share one database with other consoles using the Central Server.
* Background Service, Central Server, Credentials, Console Users, and Variables moved out of Preferences to the new Options menu.
* License moved out of Preferences to the Help menu.
* Run packages as option moved from Credentials to Deployments.
* Notifications for Schedules and Deployments moved from Mail Server in the Preferences to the Reports menu.
* Preferences need to be saved in order to apply changes.
* Repair function added to Console Users to repair security identifiers.
* While running a deployment, the copy status on the main deployment panel now provides the percent copied as well as the copy speed.
* The installation wizard for PDQ Deploy now includes the ability to choose the destination folder.
* Print Preview 'In Color' option moved to Preferences > Printing.
* Configuration summary added in Help > Current Configuration Summary.
* Preferences change log added in C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Audit.

* Computers that are offline are now being put into the Retry Queue when Ping before deployment is selected.
* Issue with Repository cleanup causing the console to freeze after excluding a folder.
* Removed the import package .xml file size limit.
* On an install step, the MSI option text now displays the correct selected string.
* Increased the maximum number of targets across all schedules.
* Database file location from the registry is now being read properly.
* Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Update Notes

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