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Webcast: Automated Patch Management 101

Schedules and Patch Management: 1:00

Keeping packages up-to-date: 4:31

Targets: 6:07

Options - Stop deploying to targets once they succeed: 8:02

Question: Do you use PDQ to patch servers as well as workstations? 9:44

Offline Settings: 12:14

Target History: 12:40

Question: Should I combine all of the Flash updates for different platforms on the same schedule? 15:48

Add a package to an existing schedule: 18:15

Invoking commands with PowerShell: 19:27

Question: Will there a be a way to automate critical updates out? 24:21

Question: Can Auto Deployments recognize new stations that haven't received a particular deployment? 25:42

Question: Is it possible to auto-deploy Dell and/or Surface patches when new firmware or drivers get updated? 27:10

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