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Version 13 of PDQ Inventory Released

The Team is pleased to announce the public release 13 of PDQ Inventory.

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What's New?

* For users upgrading from Beta to Version 13, in-app updates are not working. The 'Download and Install Now' button on the 'Check for Update' window is not working. Please click 'Download Update File', navigate to the saved file, and launch the update manually.

* New product and company branding. Admin Arsenal is now officially! (To update the taskbar icon, launch PDQ from the updated desktop icon.)
* Ability to share one database with other consoles using the Central Server.
* Background Service, Console Users, Credentials, Custom Fields, Scan Profiles, and Variables moved out of Preferences to the new Options menu.
* Collection Page removed from Preferences. Still accessible through Collection > Customize Collection Page.
* Added the CPU page to the Computer Window.
* License moved out of Preferences to the Help menu.
* Preferences need to be saved in order to apply changes.
* Repair function added to Console Users to repair security identifiers.
* The installation wizard for PDQ Inventory now includes the ability to choose the destination folder.
* Print Preview 'In Color' option moved to Preferences > Printing.
* Configuration summary added in Help > Current Configuration Summary.
* Preferences change log added in C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Audit.

* Uptime for computers now displays two units (for example, days and hours).
* Tools now refresh automatically, particularly when rearranging the Tools menu.
* When scanning a target that is authenticated against an RODC, the Active Directory Description is now displayed.
* Improved performance between PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory with a large number of collections.
* Filtering using Uptime works as expected and no longer rounds up.
* Importing large numbers of collections no longer causes a freeze of the console.
* Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Update Notes

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