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PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory Integration Issues

You receive one of the following errors when using PDQ Deploy 13 and PDQ Inventory 13 where both are installed on the same computer either in Server or Local Mode.

  • PDQ Inventory integration not installed
  • PDQ Inventory is not installed
  • Connection from PDQ Deploy not authorized, add user to Console Users
  • HResult: -2146233079 [error 0x80131509, UIA_E_INVALIDOPERATION: Indicates that the method attempted an operation that was not valid.]
  • Inventory version N is not installed/required.

In the majority of cases, these errors are caused by Background Service credential incongruities between PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.

For example, the Background Service credentials in PDQ Deploy could be something like and the Background Service credentials in PDQ Inventory could be something like

There have also been cases where the FQDN domain name (for example,\username) and the NetBIOS short name (for example, contoso\username) have caused issues.

Change the Background Service credentials to match in both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. The changes can be made by going to Options > Background Service and selecting the Change link.

In rare cases there might be an issue where the Background Service credentials change or become corrupt on a program upgrade. In these cases, you should re-add the credentials To reset your credentials from services.msc, follow these steps:

  1. Close any PDQ consoles you have open and open services.msc.
  2. Right-click the [PDQ service] > Properties > Log On tab, and change the credentials to Local System temporarily.
  3. Click back on "This Account" and re-enter your Administrative background service credentials. (Do not leave the service as Local System).
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