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Version 14 of PDQ Deploy Released

The Team is pleased to announce the public release 14 of PDQ Deploy.

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What's New?

* Ability to create test packages privately before publishing using the Private Packages folder with Central Server.
* With Central Server, the order and appearance of both the tree and data grids on the page are now per user.
* Ability to view Concurrent Session details in the Console Users window.
* Scan After Deployment added to both the Deploy Once window and Schedules.
* Ability to view multiple selected deployments in the All Deployments page.
* PowerShell scripts contained in a Library Package will now be signed the next time that package receives an update.
* The default credentials are now known as default Deploy User.
* Sharing has been superseded by Central Server and has been disabled.

* In schedules, sometimes the Heartbeat trigger would be locked to Enterprise users.
* Variables for UNC paths are no longer being removed when replacing install files.
* While in Client mode, sending a test email comes from the Server as intended.
* Saving a package occasionally changed the focus to the Package Properties.
* Groups in Active Directory were occasionally sorted incorrectly.
* New Reports were not populating in the Reports menu without a manual refresh or restart of the console.
* Attempting to delete a schedule attached to Auto Deployments was not working as intended.
* Manually starting a schedule was not shifting focus to the deployment.
* Each package in the Deployment - Full Details report now starts on its own page.
* Targets can once again be copied from a Deployment and pasted into the Deploy Once window.
* Moving multiple items in the Main Console Tree was not retaining the order of items selected.

Update Notes

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