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Integration: PDQ Inventory With PDQ Deploy Version 14+ Requirements

You have PDQ Deploy version 14 or greater and PDQ Inventory installed on the same machine and experience any of the following behaviors (this assumes both products are properly licensed):

Heartbeat schedule trigger is locked in PDQ Deploy schedules:
You receive the following error from PDQ Deploy:
Scan After Deployment is locked in PDQ Deploy’s Deploy Once window, schedules, Package Properties, or Options > Preferences > Deployments :

To Resolve this, PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy must be installed on the same computer and running in Central Server or a Local configuration. Some examples:

If PDQ Deploy is using Central Server (either Server or Client Mode), PDQ Inventory must also be using Central Server (either Server or Client Mode).

If PDQ Deploy is not using Central Server (Local Mode), PDQ Inventory must also not be using Central Server and must be in Local Mode. NOTE: For many of the features mentioned in this KB, a Pro or Enterprise license is required.

If PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory are using Central Server, it does not matter what each is running as (Server or Client). For example, if PDQ Deploy is using Central Server and running as Server, PDQ Inventory can be running as Server or Client and vice-versa.

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