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Deploying Windows Patches


Step 1: Download the appropriate patch from Microsoft’s website

Step 2: Determine the silent install options

Most Windows Patches will take the same command line arguments. Run the deployment file (outside of Admin Arsenal) with a /? Command line argument.


Step 3: Enter options

Be sure to enter the following option into the Command Line field (use whichever restart option you need):

/quiet /norestart

Step 4: Select computers to be patched

In the Targets pane enter the name(s) of your target computers. You may also select targets via Active Directory Organization Units (OU), Admin Arsenal Collections, .csv, .txt or .aatarget files.

Step 4: Deploy

Deploy and watch the magic. The amount if time it takes for patches will vary widely, depending on the speed of the computers and the size of the patch.


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