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Add your suggestions for application deployment examples

We love making video tutorials, so please let us know if you have software deployments that are giving your ulcers. We'll do our best to obtain the software and provide example deployments, including finding the best parameters to ensure silent installation and suppressed reboots.

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    In my opinion PDFCreator is very tricky. I tried around for a couple of hours, writing some batch-files. That is especially necessary because of the adware-toolbar that is shipped with the software since a couple of versions. Very nasty in addition is the fact, that the toolbar-version changes. 

    Another tricky software is FreePDF, since it has no signed driver for the printer it wants to add. Up to know, I only saw some AutoIT-scripts, which I do not particuliarily like. Furthermore I saw the rundll32 being used to add a different printer. This works on first sight, though creates problems (duplicate printer), if the script is run twice....


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    Hi Peter,

    Try this. Download PDFCreator. In this example I used PDFCreator-1_2_3_setup.exe. On your console computer (or a computer where you can manually install this program) run the following command. (I used the Start/Run window)

    PDFCreator-1_2_3_setup.exe /SAVEINF="PDFCreator123.inf"

    Then perform the installation. Your answers are being recorded in the INF file assigned in the command line above. I turned off the Yahoo toolbars by not agreeing with the terms (uncheck the Agree checkbox when that window appears). In the INF file the Toolbar=0 setting will tell future installations to NOT install the toolbar.

    After finishing the manual installation I opened up the new inf file (it was created in the same directory as PDFCreator-1_2_3_setup.exe). Here is the body of that file:



    Dir=C:\Program Files\PDFCreator













    You can import the attached PDQI file to create the PDQ Deployment package or you can create your own. If you import, make sure to modify the path to your installation file.

    For my parameters I used:

    /VerySilent /LOADINF="PDFCreator123.inf"

    Make sure the Include Entire Directory checkbox is selected. See the attached file: PDFCreator._installer.png to see a screenshot.

    I deployed this to my computers without issue.

    I referenced the following website to help me determine the appropriate command line. There are quite a few command line options as well as additional INF properties that can be set, such as turning of Update checks.

    I will test out FreePDF next week.




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