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If you would like to use a template for deploying RealVNC to your network computers, feel free to download the zip archive here.

After uncompressing the file you will find a PDQI file in the main directory. Double click on this file and PDQ Deploy will import and open this installer file. (Obviously you need to have PDQ Deploy installed... ahem).



Notice the command line parameters. They will be passed to the RealVNC.bat file and will respectively populate the %1 and %2 variables.


You will need to obtain your own license key from RealVNC.

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    if you use older version of realvnc like vnc-4_1_3-x86_win32.exe you don't need licence key.

    My first line is

    start /w vnc-4_1_3-x86_win32.exe %1 /COMPONENTS="!vncviewer,WinVNC" /TASKS="!quicklaunchicon, !desktopicon, installservice, launchservice"

    and work like charm.

    Sreten - Сретен

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    This is my bat file. I don't pass any parameters. This will install the Viewer only.

    @echo off

    start /w vnc-4_1_3-x86_win32.exe /SP- /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS=VNCViewer /TASKS=quicklaunchicon,desktopicon


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