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Internet Explorer 10 (with Auto Update disabled) 10.0

IE 10 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. Deployment may attempt to download necessary updates from Microsoft. Target computers will need to be restarted for the installation to be applied. To force a reboot replace the /norestart with /forcerestart in the Parameters field. ***Please test this package on a few target computers before deploying en masse***. Delete Step 4 if you do not want a completion window to be displayed on target computers. Scanning after deployment has been turned off for this package since a reboot is needed to complete the installation. Step 3 will disable Auto Update for IE 10.




Internet Browsers

Package Library Subscription Level

Package Library availability for Internet Explorer 10 (with Auto Update disabled):

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    For some reason this package nor the package that I created would silently install? However, manually clicking on the executable installed the program without any issues. Anyone else have this issue?

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    What error do you see when you try to deploy this package? Regarding your IE 10 package, was the install file generated from the IEAK?

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    Oh sorry--error code 40007.

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    Here are some error codes that may be returned and what they mean.

    40004 - Target computer is running Windows 7 with no Service Pack. Install Service Pack 1 and then reattempt deployment of IE 10.

    40007 - Target computer is missing prerequisite updates. Verify that all outstanding Microsoft updates have been installed.

    40008 - Target computer already has Internet Explorer 10 installed.

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    Yeah I had seen that earlier but today I found your link about the IE Blocker. Dadblasted MS.! No wonder our WSUS had not pulled IE 10 down yet?

    Thanks for these posts.

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