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Error code 1641

You receive an error 1641 after deploying an MSI (etc.) package.

Error code 1641, ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_INITIATED, indicates, "The installer has initiated a restart. This message is indicative of a success."

By default, PDQ Deploy includes this code in the Success Codes. See, Install Step Properties.

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    I have Deploy version 3.1 but I seem to get 1641 as failed still. I can see that what I need to be done is complete, but, it doesn't show success. Any way to fix that? 


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    any update on the error code 1641? does it still mean the same thing?


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    Hi Jennifer,

    This is an MSI code from Windows and hasn't changed.  We automatically add 1641 as a success code in our packages and remote command windows so that you don't have to add it in manually.  If you are seeing this as a failure make sure that it's listed in the success codes of that package step.

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    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

    Interesting .. the push step where it occurred I am using the "continue" option because the step does not apply to all users ( so it does not indicate success or fail, just 1641) because the continue option is selected it goes to the next step . This person is the only one who received that code.  The next step it generated this error msg , see below, so I am not sure if one has to do w\  the other.  ( i realize this is a different error msg than 1641, but am including it in this post because I am not sure if it is related):

    Thank you for your help. 



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