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File Access Error


An unknown error happened while accessing a file.

Possible Causes

The error is not known to the application and could represent a bug in the product.

Recommended Fix

Submit the error to Admin Arsenal and we'll investigate further and properly handle the error in the future.

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    In my case the remote PC had the wrong date set.

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    I second what Dave said...  The target computer had the wrong date and fixing the date immediately cleared up the issue.

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    in my case, the path length at the Client side is more than 254 characters.

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    in my case, the path length is at the Client side more than 254 characters.

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    my dat and time are correct and can see no DNS issues. I have a lot of computers on the network that are suffering from this issue.

    Why does it do this?

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    In my case the event log was indicating event ID 2017:


    After making the modification to the registry I was able to scan the computers with this error.

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    Still getting this issue on computers. This time a brand new, newly added to our domain laptop.

    So damned annoying. Nothing to do with date and time on this one.

    Surely there's more info to offer than what is currently available on here?

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    I just ran into this issue when trying to scan a software inventory after a recent software push.  The date and time were correct, no strange DNS issues.  What I found was on the system where PDQ Inventory resides, at a command prompt I ran "Net Use" that returned 30-40 "disconnected" network sessions to several of my systems.  I ran "Net Use * /Delete" to remove all existing connections (active and inactive), the problem went away immediately.  Strangely, the only system I had been having the problem on was a windows 8.1 system, all of my windows 7 machines that still had the disconnected network status worked fine and were able to scan for inventory.  Also note, "Net Use" was telling me that new connections would be remembered... This is probably where the confusion started.  I ran "Net User /Persistent:No" to disable that.

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