MSI Unsupported Platform - Error 1633


The platform being installed to is not supported by the installer.

Possible Causes

The most likely cause is that a 64-bit installer was deployed to a 32-bit target.

Another possibility is that an MSU file is being deployed to an unsupported version of Windows such as XP or 2003. (MSU was introduced in Windows Vista)

Recommended Fix

Obtain the correct installer and try again.

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    hey man i want to need a solution for that i want to use power link cybire vedio edtitor in my computer i am useing windows 8 x86 bit and when i am trying to install that that ask me error 1688. and so on i want you use that could you help me to use that sofware in that version


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    As the above explains, you are installing a 64 bit version on a 32 bit operating syste. You have to get a propper 32 bit installer (MSI) file. IIF it exists. If not, the only way is to reinstall the operating system with a 64 bit version.

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