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Service Manager Logon


There was an authentication error encountered while trying to start the service.

Possible Causes

This security error is usually caused by using an invalid user name or password. 

It can also be caused by a policy which is preventing the user from having the Log on as a Service privilege.

Recommended Fix

Ensure that the user's name and password are valid and that the account (or one of its groups) is not set as "Deny Logon as a Service". 

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    Log on as a service is a Windows privilege which is needed for user accounts to be able to be used for Windows services.  Admin Arsenal products use Windows services for a number of tasks and so this privilege is very important. 

    It is not granted automatically to any users, including administrators.  Our products will attempt to grant this privilege when it is needed.  This will generally work for most situations, but there may be environments where this privilege has been explicitly denied to all normal user accounts. In a situation like this it will be necessary to use credentials which has been created for that purpose and specifically granted the privilege. 

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    There may also be instances where an organization removes any Logon As A Service privilege to user accounts via GPO. This can be frustrating as a leap-frog scenario can unfold wherein you specify an account to use in Admin Arsenal products (thus that account is granted the Logon As A Service privilege) only to have that privilege removed at the next GPO run time. In this type of instance you will want to work with your Active Directory administrators and decide upon an account that you can use to run the Admin Arsenal services. In many organizations these types of accounts are known as "Service Accounts".

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    The log on as a service privilege can be added to administrators via a GPO:

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