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This error shouldn't be seen under normal circumstances and represents a problem in the application.

Possible Causes

It's a bug, damnit.

Recommended Fix

Please report the error to Admin Arsenal support and we'll slap around a developer or two.

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    If you are seeing the error message "Column 'InterfaceIndex' does not belong to table WMI" check if you are running a beta of PDQ Inventory 1.0.  You can update to the latest version to correct this error.

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    slap then around by all means, and give them a kick in the crotch for good measure.

    just upgraded to 6.1 beta and invalid ip address specified after 1st time DB upgrade.

    Cannot load

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    yeah crotch kick needed again.  Happened to me as well going to 6.1 beta.

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    So i just upgraded to the latest PDQ Inventory and i am now getting the Value Cannot be Null.  It looks like it tried to go through entire process and values will come out but then errors out.   I have Version 6 prior to and it worked, just started with 7.3.  Any Ideas?

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    Same as Isreal - seeing this reported on multiple computers using PDQ Inventory 7.3.

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