Object reference not set to an instance of an object


This error shouldn't be seen under normal circumstances and represents a bug in the program.

Possible Causes

Bug. It's a stinkin' bug.

Recommended Fix

Please report the error to Admin Arsenal support and we'll get someone to clean up the mess.

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    PC does scan then towards the end this error pops up

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    Still not resolved ?

    remote repair passes

    can RDP and VNC into PC

    Can install software via PDQ deploy

    Just cannot do any scan

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    looking at the scan logs can see it works sometimes but always works after application is installed or updated

    see attached log

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    Hi Larry,

    If you haven't yet, please send the error data to our support site. Reference this forum post ( ) in your ticket. We need to see the stack trace to see what object is out of scope.

    Sorry for the frustration,


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    OK sent

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    I'm getting this error when trying to run deploy, but when I click on the link to report the issue, nothing happens.

    I need a fix as I have lots of custom deployments that I need to use

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    Barrie, make sure to download beta 2. There were some customers who were negatively affected by the first beta and that bug (which appears to be the same one you are seeing) has been fixed in the second beta. You can download the beta here.

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