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Pull Copy Failed


A pull copy operation on a target computer failed.

Possible Causes

The most common cause is that the target computer cannot see or access the file being pulled.  This can be due to a name resolution or authentication problem preventing the network path from being accessible to the target.

This can be due to the deployment using with the option to "Run as Local System" which causes it to run under the computer system account which won't, by default, have access to network resources.

Recommended Fix

The error message will contain additional information about the cause of the error.  Make sure that the path in question can be seen from the target and that the deployment doesn't use the "Run as Local System" option.

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    This should probably mention the fact that _'Running as local system makes it so that packages cannot access network shares or use pull copy mode' _and the solution therefore is to ensure that _'Run as LOCAL SYSTEM' _**is **not enabled. 

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    Thank you, good point, I've added a a note.

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