No network provider accepted the given network path


The target computer is not allowing access to file shares.

Possible Causes

This is most often caused by a configuration problem on the target computer, or possibly a permissions issue with access to shares.

If running PDQ Inventory console on a Windows 2003 server scanning an offline computer may result in this scan error message. In these cases (running on Windows 2003 Server) this message simply means the target computer is offline.

Recommended Fix

There are a couple of possible fixes:

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    This error can crop up if the target computer is running a thin or embedded version of Windows.  These systems are sometimes installed without the necessary network connectivity drivers and services.

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    I get this same error for a majority of my clients. However, when I click on a individual client and run the Scan Computers option, this error clears.


    Things that make you go HUMMMMM!!!!!!

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    That is unusual.  We've had some issues in the past where some errors would only show up when the computer was scanning multiple computers but would clear up when scanning individually.  It was related to the network drivers being under a heavy load, so a single computer could get through.  This error seems to be an odd candidate for that, though, as it's normally caused by the target computer and not the source.  There must be some situations where the source computer throws this error when under a heavy load.

    We'll add this error to the list of automatic retry errors, ones that we have seen that are temporary and retrying after a small wait period seems to work.

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    What is even more unusual is that I get this error from a scan on an XP (284 computers) workstation but not from a scan on my Win 7 computer. The Win 7 computer does not show that error at all.

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    I'm curious to know if Terrence ever found a solution for this. I'm starting to set up PDQ Inventory (such a great product, I love it) and I'm having the same issues. If I use the scheduled scan, a lot of online computers come back with an error of "No network provider accepted the given network path", but when I go back and individually scan them, the error goes away (unless they are currently offline). I am running this on Windows Server 2003 32bit.

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    Hi Nikki,

    I am not sure if I still get this error or not. I will check it next Monday. Lately, I have been only scanning with my Windows 7 client so verification is warranted.

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    I do still get this error but only while scanning with my XP client. An individual scan will clear most of these errors, though. Just an odd behavior on the older XP system I guess?

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    I only have a fraction of computers with this error, so rescanning those clients separately seems to clear this error.

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    I was checking my IPv4 configuration.

    I noticed that the Printer and file sharing was unchecked, I checked it and PDQ deploy now works.

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