Scanner Failed


A scanner failed for a reason that PDQ Inventory didn't know how to handle.

Possible Causes

The cause will depend on the nature of the error. Check the error message included with the error.

Many times the cause is corruption in the .NET framework on the target computer, requiring a repair or reinstall.

Another possibility is that the target computer was either booting up or shutting down. You will also get this error if you attempt to scan a computer that is configuring Windows' updates or a service pack installation prior to restarting.



In this state (configuring updates)  the target can be seen on the network but the OS cannot be accessed or managed.

Recommended Fix

If repairing or reinstalling .NET on the target computer doesn't work then submit the error to Admin Arsenal support.  Our support staff can perform additional research in to the cause and fix for the error.

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    A common error code is -1073741819 which is usually caused by anti virus software preventing access to the scanner's files.

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    Done the reinstall of .net but I still get the error code 225, what files/locations require an exception to be created in the av software?

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    Hi Aaron,

    Have the following folder exempted:


    If you've been using PDQ Inventory since version 2.x then you may need to exempt the folder C:\Windows\PDQInventory-Scanner

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    I updated .Net to 4.5 as requested by Brandon Rewis and that sorted out the problem, AV software so far has not been an issue for me, I use Avira Profesional Security

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    "Many times the cause is corruption in the .NET framework on the target computer, requiring a repair or reinstall."  what version?  I don't see any note about .net in the deployment guide!

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    .NET 4 or higher is listed in the requirements for PDQ Inventory. The version you would need to repair is the most current 4.x version that is installed on the target. If you don't have the latest (at this writing it is 4.6.1) you could just upgrade and that would probably do the trick.

    You don't have to worry about repairing .NET 3.5 or lower when it comes to PDQ products as they do not utilize any .NET below 4.

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