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WMI Diagnostics


Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is used extensively by Admin Arsenal products PDQ Inventory and AA Console.

WMI is also used to refer to the WMI Repository which is a database that resides in %WINDIR%\System32\wbem\Repository.

Common WMI Errors Encountered

Timed Out

PDQ Inventory and AA Console run extensive queries against the WMI repository. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the WMI Timeout to accommodate frequent inventory scans or when a computer's resources are already taxed to the point of over-utilization.

You may notice a WMI Timeout error in PDQ Inventory if you view the Scan Status of a target system.



Go to the Performance panel  in Preferences under the File menu to modify WMI Timeout setting in PDQ Inventory



Go to WMI Panel in Preferences under Admin Arsenal menu to modify WMI Timeout setting in AA Console



WMI Access Denied

This error is usually encountered in AA Console. AA Console remotely  accesses WMI and, thus, has an extra layer of complexity. If you encounter this error verify that your target machine (where the access was denied) has the appropriate settings to allow WMI to be managed from a remote computer. You can find the necessary settings at


Additional Tools

Microsoft provides the WMI Diagnostics Utility. At the time of this writing the utility is at version 2.1.

Microsoft WMI Administrative Tools - These tools have been around for years. I still use them regularly, particularly the WMI Object Browser (which needs to be accessed via Internet Explorer since it runs ActiveX controls).

WBemTest. You can access this utility in %WINDIR%\System32\wbem

WMIC - This is Microsoft's utility to access WMI via the Windows command line. To see a list of your CPU data you can run

wmic cpu list

If you want to run a WMI query against a remote computer you can also use WMIC.

wmic /node:"computername" cpu list

If you computer name has a dash ( - ) in the name you will need to use double quotes. (someone at Microsoft forgot to properly handle the dash... ahem). So to get a list of CPU's on a remote computer called Archer you could run

wmic /node:archer cpu list

or if you want to test being able to spawn a process in WMI you could run

wmic /node:archer process call create "notepad.exe"

If this is successful it will, obviously, open a notepad.exe process on the target computer (in this case the computer called Archer)

Repair / Rebuild your WMI Repository

You may need to repair the WMI Repository on the target system. You can run the following commands depending on the OS. The following commands may return fairly quickly however the actual rebuild process can take about 30 minutes. After this amount of time please rescan.

Windows 7, 8, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012

winmgmt /salvagerepository

Windows XP

rundll32 wbemupgd, UpgradeRepository

Windows 2003

rundll32 wbemupgd, RepairWMISetup


If the scan continues to fail with this error please run the WMI Diagnostics utility from Microsoft. You will need to run this on the target computer.

After you download and extract the diagnostics utility we recommend reading the WMIDiag.doc file to see the available options. If you run this utility without any arguments then you can simply reference the WMIDIAG-*.TXT for a breakdown of problems that were encountered.

If you would like, you may submit the WMIDIAG-*.TXT and WMIDIAG-*.LOG to Admin Arsenal support

A great resource that I have used (for years) is this trusty page. This explains how to repair / rebuild your WMI Repository. Note, some of the steps provided here are kind of Last Case Scenario. There are times, however, when your repository will get corrupted and a rebuild is necessary.

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    Looking good now....with the troubleshooting steps you provided you have pointed me in the right direction. I actually had to rebuild the WMI Repository, now the computer scans without issues.

    Thanks again for the prompt response and keep up the good fight!!!

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    The steps above solved the PC WMI issues in PDQ Inventory.  I used PDQ Deploy and created a custom install package using a command line and it worked perfectly.  The two products go hand in hand!  

    Thanks a bunch for the great troubleshooting steps!

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    Still can't get the packages to download. 

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