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Unsupported operating system or corrupted executable


The target operating system is not supported or the service module is corrupt.

Possible Causes

The service is being executed on a version of Windows that is not supported.  Most commonly this is because Windows 2000 and NT are not supported by the application that is using the remote service.

Another possiblity is that the executable was corrupted when it was copied to the target computer.

Recommended Fix

Verify that the target operating system is supported by the application and try the remote command again to ensure that it was copied correctly.

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    Adam, are you able to comment on what the underlying limitation of Windows 2000 machines really is? "Remote Service" - are you saying the RPC service doesn't exist on Windows Server 2000?

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    The issue is that a Windows 2000 service requires us to have a different build of our service executable.  We could include a separate build but we made the decision that the extra testing and development effort wasn't warranted with the small remaining base of Windows 2000 computers out there.

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