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Unknown Spiceworks port


The port number provided for Spiceworks doesn't respond on the Spicworks server.

Possible Cause

The given port name is incorrect for the Spiceworks server or the port is blocked by a firewall.

Recommended Fix

Ensure that the given port is set in the Spiceworks preferences and that it is available remotely and not blocked by a firewall.

The typical ports are either 443 or 9676 (for SSL) or 80 or 9675 (for non-SSL).

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    I am unable to connect to my Spiceworks server it is on the default port. Pdq and Spiceworks are on the same machine. I have read and gone through all the steps as there are only a few things to set. I know I have the right username and password because I can log out and back in.  The firewall is also off so this shouldn't be an issue. I have tried all 4 of the default ports that this gets set to. I am pretty sure it is the 443 as that is what our agents use to connect and those are still operational. 

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