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Database Requires Upgrade

The database upgrade window will be displayed when the main database for the application requires and upgrade.  This upgrade will make changes which are incompatible with earlier versions of the software making it unusable with those earlier versions.  This is only an issue if a downgrade is required to an earlier version.

The database file will be backed up prior to performing the upgrade in case any problem occurs during the upgrade.  This backup file can be used in case an older version needs to be re-installed.

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    When I try to upgrade my PDQ deploy database I get thii error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". Please find the attached file. The error is very irritating for me because my organisation is almost at a  standstill as far as software deployment is concern. Please I will appreciate a quick response on this issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Emmanuel,

    We are sorry for your frustration. This error that you are seeing appears to be due to your existing database having some additional fields that, under normal circumstances, shouldn't exist. I have emailed you with a link to a new build. Please let us know if the problem is resolved.

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