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Credentials - Domain

The domain for a set of credentials can be either for an Active Directory domain or a local user account.

Active Directory Domain

Simply enter the name of the domain to use.  This can be either in short or fully qualified format (e.g. TEST.ADMINARSENAL.LOCAL).  When used on a remote computer, such as when using PDQ Deploy to deploy software, the domain must be visible and usable from the target computer.

Local Account

Local accounts are those which exist on the target computer in question.  An account is considered local when the domain is left blank or contains a single dot (.)  The use of the . prefix is mainly used to distinguish between local users with the same name, but different passwords on different computers.  (The Description attached to Credentials serves the same purpose).


For PDQ Inventory 2.0 / Deploy 2.1 or higher these credentials will use the Administrator account on the local target.



These credentials specify the user al.swearengen in the deadwood.local domain



For PDQ Deploy 2.0.x or lower the credentials below will use the local Administrator account on the target computer. (notice the domain field does not exist in the earlier versions)


For PDQ Deploy 2.0.x or lower the credentials below would run the Al.Swearengen account in the deadwood.local domain 


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    Is there anywhere which documents what the "Test Credentials" actual will test against? I looked here and the help documentation itself. At first glance, I'm guessing this is just validating the username / password authenticate against Active Directory?

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    Thank you, it is missing.  It's been changed slightly for version 2.2 of Deploy and 2.1 of Inventory, but here's how it works.

    In the older versions the test is performed on the local computer, using the LogonUser API, which will then be passed on to Active Directory as needed.  If the domain is a local domain (it's blank or starts with a .) then you are prompted for the name of a computer to test against.  The same LogonUser API is used targeted to that computer.

    The change in the newer versions is that you are prompted for a computer name if the domain doesn't match the domain of the current user (the one running the Console) to take care of cases where the other domain doesn't have a relationship with the current domain.

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    Thanks Adam for the clarification! Just was looking through 2.2 of Deploy and was the first time I noticed it.  Just wanted to see if it was testing against local / domain / other domain machines for certain rights or not.  Everything above was clear and didn't note it in the beta docs. 

    Once again, I appreciate the information!

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