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No Steps Were Able To Run


A deployment failed with the error message "No steps were able to run".

Possible Causes

Target computer did not meet the conditions to run any steps in a PDQ Deploy Package.

Recommended Fix

Verify that the Conditions in your PDQ Deploy Package are set appropriately.

If you see this error chances are very good that the target computer is not supposed to have this package deployed. An example would be if you deployed a Package to a target computer running a 32-bit Operating System but each Step in the Package had a Condition which would only execute on a 64-bit Operating System. If a target doesn't meet conditions for any step then the deployment will effectively fail (since no actions were actually performed).

The image below shows a Package which deploys Java 7 64-bit. Notice that there are 5 steps. (though only Step 2 is shown). Each step has the 32-bit condition unchecked. Any 32-bit target will fail with this error if this package is deployed.



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