Database Restore Required

The current version of the database is for a later version of the database and is not compatible with this version.  This is typically caused by installing a later version (such as a public beta) and then uninstalling and re-installing an earlier version.  The possible solutions are:

  1. Upgrade to the version required by the database (or later). 
  2. Automatic restore to a backup.
    Each new version of the application creates a backup file before making changes.  If there is a suitable backup file you will be prompted to restore to the most recent version.  Make sure that no other files are accessing the database during the restore.  
  3. Manual restore to a backup.
    You can manually restore a backup.  See below for information on restoring your application's database.
  4. Delete the database and start over.  See below for information on where the database files are located for your application.
Database files and backup information
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    Database question.


    I am currently running PDQ deploy 2.2 Release 2 free mode......&  PDQ inventory 2.1.0 (build 2011) Pro mode... I would like to re-install this app and DB on a NEW server.. (basically migrate the Database to another server and work of that server from now on).


    Can you please list safe directions  how to do that with low risk of corrupting or losing the DB?


    thank you

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    Certainly.  You will want to copy over the database directory and the system registry key.  The database for PDQ Deploy is:

    %ProgramData%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy

    And the system key is:


    PDQ Inventory is the same, just replace Deploy with Inventory.  If you're moving both just copy the Admin Arsenal directory and key.

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    Hi Adam


    I tried following what you said below, and on my new machine I received.


    1. I first installed a fresh copy of PDQ inventory.,(same version from my last machine)
    2. I copied over the whole admin arsenal folder.
    3. I copied over reg key from old machine, and dragged and dropped the PDQ inventory REG key export into to the “new” regkey folder
    4. I copied and pasted the Databse.db file and the “scans” folder as well as the “integration” folder into c:\programdata\Admin Arsenal\ PDQ inventory
    5. I copied and pasted the database.db-shm & Database.db-wal


    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Try deleting the database.db-shm & Database.db-wal files on the new computer.  They're temporary files that will get re-created when needed.  It's usually okay to copy them between computers but we have seen this happen from time to time when they get copied and they don't match up exactly with the Database.db file.  

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    Tried deleting those 2 files... System wont let me because it thinks they are "in use by another program"..

    So i next deleted the reg key, and uninstalled the program....

    I re installed the  program and when to launch it , I got a message saying "you've uncovered a bug" and then the application crashed.

    Do you know what seems to be looking up those temp files from being deleted?

    Would you be able to document an exact step by step safe practice way to move the application + database from one computer to another? 


    I would like to try moving the DB and successfully installing the PDQ inventory application again from scratch on this same new machine that i am working with. I would prefer not have to Re-OS



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    Make sure that the background service isn't running, as it's going to open the database and lock all 3 files.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's smart enough to release its locks if it runs into a problem, we'll have to get that fixed.  Just do a "net stop pdqinventory" and you should be able to delete the files.

    I've created a ticket to get this process fully documented, it's something that gets asked occasionally but we don't yet have a central place with all of the steps and gotchas.  I'll point you to it when it's ready.

    Update:   The new documentation is now available here.

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