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The User Name or Password is Incorrect


Either the provided user name does not exist or the password is not valid for the target system.

Possible Causes

Most likely a mistyped name or password.

Recommended Fix

Double check that the user name and password are correct and try again.

Other possible logon/password issues are covered in the following:

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    We are in trial version on PDQ deploy to try if this will work on our environment prior to purchase and Enterprise version.

    We have different VLAN setup on our network but the host and target is communicating we can ping both  VLAN with no problem.

     Our problem is when we try to push some software specifically java and adobe flash we have issue in credentials authentication error ( Computer is offline or not responding) we tried  changed credentials on the target computer to make sure everything is correct but still didn't work.

    Thank you.

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    You should use the login name in the domain format: domain\user_name

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