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Create a collection showing computers in two different Active Directory OU's.

Let's say that you want to break your computers down by managing all the systems in the Engineering AND Accounting Active Directory Organization Units. With PDQ Inventory Pro, you can easily do this.

Notice that we have created a Collection which has TWO filters. One filter returning all computers in the an OU which contain the name Engineering and another filter returning computers whose OU path in AD contains the word Accounting. Notice also that instead of the default "Match All" operator we are using Match Any.




Here is what our new collection membership looks like. All the member machines are in either the Engineering or Account OU.



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    Here is an updated example of a Collection filter that groups computers based on Active Directory paths. In this example I want to see the computers in a particular OU but not any computers in Sub OU's.


    Note the highlighted parts of the collection. I have two filters for Path. One with a "Starts With" and with a "Does Not Contain" operator. Also note that the top filter is set to Match All as opposed to Match Any or Do Not Match Any or Do Not Match All.

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    In version 6.2 is this method still possible to create collections based upon OU membership?  The only option I seem to have is AD Group but not just AD.  Please advise.



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    I also see a variety of AD options in the value options but have been unable to get the computers to show in a variety of filters I have attempted.

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    Ok, I think I got it now using AD path which I got from the Computer listing.


    Thanks and please disregard.

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