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Collections: Group computers which are missing certain apps? (example one)

***This article references older versions of PDQ Inventory***

Your task: Group all Microsoft Windows computers which are missing Adobe Reader X.

Follow these steps.

  • Create a collection called Systems with Adobe Reader X
    • Add an Application filter where Name starts with "Adobe Reader X" (minus quotes)
  • Create another collection called "Systems missing Adobe Reader X"
    • Add a Collection filter showing is not a member of "Systems with Adobe Reader X" ( click the ... button and you can select the Collection)
    • Add a Computer filter showing Never scanned is not true
This method is pretty straightforward. The first collection holds all computers that have Adobe Reader X. The second collection holds all computers that aren't in the first collection and, thus, do not have Adobe Reader X. (see screenshots)
Here is the second Screen Shot showing the collection filtering out Adobe Reader X




See another example which will accomplish the same thing (using only one collection instead of two).

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    Could this be updated for version please?  I am having trouble defining a collection that is made up of members of one collection but not members of another collection.

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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for bringing this up. We will get some new articles on this. A quick answer (so you don't have to wait for the articles) 

    The Collection column (for testing membership) is under the _Computer _filter (table).


    Here are some other articles / blogs you can reference.

    What's installed, what's not installed

    New Filters in PDQ Inventory




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    Thanks Shane.  I see what I was doing wrong now.  I was trying to use "Member of Collection" under the filter column.  Needless to say that was getting me all fouled up.  My collection is working now!

    Thanks Again!!!


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