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How to configure PDQ Inventory to install Microsoft .NET Framework on your target computers

In PDQ Inventory 1.1x each target must have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed. Chances are good that your computers already have this version of .NET installed. In the event that you need to install .NET we have made it very easy.

From your Preferences window (File > Preferences) go to the .NET Installation panel. Click the Download .NET Now button to download the necessary version from Microsoft's web site. After the download is complete you can specify whether or not to automatically install .NET on target computers that need it. If you check the Automatically Install .NET box then the next time a computer (which needs .NET 3.5 SP1) is scanned .NET will be installed before scanning.


If you do not want to automatically install .NET then you can still install .NET per computer. Just open up a computer window for the computer needing .NET and, from the FIle menu, select Install .NET and Scan. 


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    Hi, is it possible to have this set to pull method vs push?  

    Using PDQ in a situation where there are multiple buildings/sites using DFS with windows servers allows PDQ deployment to be manageable from one location vs. installing it on a computer in each site by having the installers pull the files, .net installation from PDQ inventory seems to only be able to push the file out which eliminates the ability to manage it from one site.

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    We have this on our roadmap to add, a couple of other users have requested it as well.  In the meantime you can use PDQ Deploy to do the installation with its pull functionality.

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    Indeed that's what I've been doing with all my testing; glad it's planned, would make it much faster since inventory automatically installs .net if checked off when scanning if it's needed :)

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    To add to Adam's point you can grab .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile from the Installer Library in Deploy 2.0.

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    @ Shane

    It seems with doing that Inventory doesn't detect .net installed and if "install .net automatically" is checked it installs 3.5 regardless if 4.0 was installed or not.

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    This is actually due to Microsoft's unusual versioning of their .NET frameworks.  Version 4.0 isn't a full upgrade of 3.5, so that an application built for 3.5 won't work on a system that only has 4.0 installed.  They did the same thing with versions 3.0 and 2.0, which you can read me whinging about here.

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