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Multiple credentials

This documentation is no longer applicable to any supported PDQ product and is not being actively maintained. This document exists purely as an historical record, or to provide good chuckle.

There is a bug in the current version of Inventory (1.1 release 2) which prevents the use of multiple local credentials with the same name.  So, if you have two users called "Administrator" then only one of them will be usable.  This will be fixed in a future update but to get around this you can use the ".domain" format for the user name.  For example:


Each of the domains begins with a . so they are both treated as local users but they will be kept distinct within the application and not get mixed up.

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    Why is it that we can enter a full list of credentials an not set it to cycle through them upon credential failure?

    If the scan or even Deployment fails due to access denied there should be an option we can enable in preferences to allow it to go through the list of available credentials until the task can be completed. 

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    I like the idea from Mmuni

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    I like the idea from Mmuni

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