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Quick Tips: Deploy BGInfo and Using Run As Options

Deploy BGInfo from PDQ Deploy and remotely display computer information to end-users to help you troubleshoot. BGInfo displays information such as IP address, MAC address, etc. Shane also explains the differences in your Run As options for deployment packages and when you might use different options.

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    Great thing !!

    It is a good idea, to use a central saved (for example on netlogon) configfile. BGInfo uses the settings of the remote-client. somteimes it ends up with white caption on white background. Here a centralized config helps. Besides, you may build the params that have to show up in the BGInfo-Window and some more features

    I used a bright grey background and different colors for the different Categories of info. that makes support an ease for customer and admin

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    Yes, I use BGInfo as well. I deploy it as the default logon wallpaper for my windows 7 machines. This takes one extra step, you have to convert the .bmp it creates to .jpg

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