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Webcast: Understanding Push and Pull Deployments

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Differences between Push and Pull 1:29

First use case: Push files from the Repository 2:56

Second use case: Pull install files from a shared file server 5:00

   -Push/Pull settings on a package level 5:37

Third use case: Using DFS (Distributed File System) to replicate files. *see related videos below* 7:38

   -Common issues with setting the default to Pull with custom packages 12:55

Question: Does a UNC of \\\c$ work? 17:14

Question: Dealing with offline targets would have no change to handling push or pull, right? 19:06

Question: So, if our DFS at each site is named something different this would not really work to pull from their own site? 20:48

Question: We do not have a DFS server in our remote sites. If I chose to pull over a T1, are there any changes I need to make to successfully have the PCs pull? (Like MSM they have an incremental bits technology over slow connectivity.) 23:16


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