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Webcast: Silently Install UltraVNC


Lex and Shane install UltraVNC with PDQ Deploy. (due to Copyright reasons, we've taken down the Package Library Ultra VNC TEST ONLY package).

UltraVNC package 1:52

Step 1 - Stop service 2:40

Steps 2 and 3 - Uninstall UltraVNC 3:40

Step 4 - Install UltraVNC (32-bit) 4:33

Download installer files from website 5:02

Question: Will this include options for prompt and no prompt? 5:52

Install using an Answer file 7:06

Question: Why are we installing the cert in both the root and TrustedPublisher stores? I've only ever installed it in TrustedPublisher and never had an issue. 12:02

Step 5 - Add UltraVNC Certification (32-bit) 14:32

Question: If the "Error Mode" is "Continue" does the success code even matter? 15:36

Step 6 - Install UltraVNC Addons (32-bit) 16:31

Step 7 and 8 - Copy Drivers and Addons (32-bit) 17:20

Steps 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 - Same steps as 4 through 8 with 64-bit 17:48

Question: Is there any magic to making the certificate? 17:54 

Step 15 - Copy INI file 19:09

Step 16 - Start UltraVNC Service 21:24

UltraVNC Remote Control Viewer from the console 22:01

Question: How will I setup a password for UltraVNC? 22:51

Using UltraVNC from within PDQ Inventory 25:36

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