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Webcast: Auto Deployment Best Practices

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Auto Deployment in PDQ Deploy

Best Practice #1: One Auto Deployment package attached to one schedule in order to target computers based on version 1:43

Approval settings for latest versions 4:55

Best Practice #2: One Auto Deployment package attached to multiple schedules in order to create a test group 9:06

Pre and Post Auto Deployment steps 14:23

Question: Is there a way to auto deploy to new computers that show up in Active Directory (AD)? 16:30

Best Practice #3: One schedule for many packages to create a baseline set of applications for new computers 19:38

Question: Is it a bad idea to use both a heartbeat and a regular interval as schedule triggers? 23:43

Question: Is there a way for Auto Deployments to update steps in a nested deployment? 27:28

Question: If we use one of the ALTERNATE packages, will Auto Deployment continue to use that track of packages? 30:35

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