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Operation Did Not Complete Successfully Because the File Contains a Virus or Potentially Unwanted Software


When importing, moving, or copying a PDQ Deploy package you receive the error, "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software."



The package is being incorrectly flagged by antivirus/antimalware (AV) software. To confirm this is the case, Admin Arsenal recommends utilizing a secondary confirmation source such as VirusTotal to analyze the file.

Once the file is confirmed to be free from malware, you may need to temporarily disable your AV program and/or create an exception to allow the file to be imported, moved, or copied.

Admin Arsenal understands file security is essential. We take the following precautions when creating packages and making them available for general use:

  • Each installer file downloaded from the vendor has the checksum of the file verified.
  • Each installer file downloaded from the vendor is run through a virus scan to verify the application installer is free of malware*
  • The vendor installation files are not modified. We will create scripts, transforms, and other files as necessary to install the program, but we don’t change any of the binaries.
  • Once a package has been created, the package is signed with an Authenticode signature and uploaded to our servers.
  • When a package is downloaded, the Authenticode signature is verified by PDQ Deploy as being authentic.

*Some applications (e.g. CutePDF) may contain adware or toolbars that will be flagged by antivirus software. In these cases, we make every effort not to install the adware and/or toolbars and other fury-inducing applications.


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