Microsoft SQL Server cannot be found

4/26/2018 2605 Contributors


The Microsoft SQL Server database used cannot be found.

Possible Causes and Recommended Fixes

  • SQL Server service may not be running (usually MSSqlServer)
    • Verify the SQL Server service is running on the DB server. If it isn't running, attempt to start the service and retry the operation.
  • SQL Server not accessible due to firewall restriction
    • If using Named Pipes for communication, verify that File and Printer sharing is enabled on the Microsoft SQL Server. (If you can get to the ADMIN$ share on the server then File and Printer sharing is enabled)
    • If using TCP/IP verify that the necessary SQL Port is enabled. The default port is TCP 1433. 
    • If your network policy allows local inbound port exceptions you can run the following command on your SQL Server. 
      netsh firewall set portopening TCP 1433 "SQLServer" 
    • See this Microsoft KB article for more information on enabling SQL Server through a Windows Firewall
  • Specified server does not have Microsoft SQL Server installed.
    • Verify that you have the correct server defined
    • Verify that Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2012 is installed.

Retry the process or submit the error to Admin Arsenal support.