SafeHandle cannot be null

4/26/2018 2355 Contributors

This error can occur in PDQ Deploy 1.5 Release 2  and PDQ Inventory 1.1 Release 1 or earlier. If you are running an earlier version upgrade to an appropriate version.

The problem was never critical and had to do with a registry handle to HKEY_CURRENT_USER being closed. Fixed in PDQ Deploy 1.5 Release 3 and PDQ Inventory 1.1 Release 2.

Error : SafeHandle cannot be null. 

Error Type : System.ArgumentNullException
License Mode : Pro
Memory : 4 GB (3 GB free)
Product : PDQ Deploy
Subject : SafeHandle cannot be null.
Version :
Windows : Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (5.2.3790.131072)

SafeHandle cannot be null.
at Microsoft.Win32.Win32Native.RegQueryValueEx(SafeRegistryHandle hKey, String lpValueName, Int32[] lpReserved, Int32& lpType, StringBuilder lpData, Int32& lpcbData)