Auto Update Check

4/26/2018 3434 Contributors

Admin Arsenal applications can automatically check for new versions of the software available for download.

This check will happen silently in the background whenever the console is run. You will be notified within the console when an update is available.

This check can be enabled/disabled in the preferences of the application.

Beta versions

Some products include checks for beta versions.  Use this option to get access to pre-release versions of the software made available for testing purposes.  These versions are provided to give early access to the software and to get feedback on new features and bug fixes. 

More information on beta versions

Update Notification by E-Mail

In addition to getting notified that there are new versions within the software you can sign up for notifications via e-mail.  When new versions are made availalbe a short e-mail is sent to everyone signed up to that product's list with a few brief details with what's changed.  You can unsubscribe from a notification list at any time.

Sign up for e-mail updates