WMI Invalid Query

4/26/2018 3201 Contributors

You receive the error (or similar), WMI invalid query, when running a WMI scan or receive the error as part of a normal scan that does not contain a WMI scanner.

WMI Scan Error:
If you receive the error when attempting a WMI scan, this error indicates the query is in some way, invalid. You can test this by running the same query in WMI Explorer (Options > Scan Profiles > [WMI scan profile] > Edit > [WMI scanner] > Edit > Launch WMI Explorer). Once you have concluded the test and corrected the query, run the WMI scanner again.

For additional information regarding the WMI Scanner, please see the Inventory WMI Scanner: Usage & Examples KB.

Other Error:
This is most likely a bug in the Admin Arsenal software which includes a query that contains an error. Please report the error to PDQ.com so the defect can be corrected.